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... is a creative professional. Motivated to inspire, her drawings are romantic, playful yet strong and always in an effortlessly cool style.

Her journey into illustration started as far back as early childhood, watching her father sketch in his free time, and being exposed to a variety of art exhibitions and styles.


Dodó started fashion illustration professionally after joining Academy Jak in Hamburg, Germany, in 2012, studying a course in Fashion Management.

 It was here she developed her own style and built on her fascination with figurinas, using watercolour and India Ink.

Living in big cities, being inspired by people's lifestyle and fashion, dynamic and traffic on the streets, this time she developed her art philosophy  ''Time is Luxury', offering a piece of momentum which is to invest time in yourself for  and the power of imagination.

She  operates at the intersections between fine art, style with a hint of luxury and personal adventure.

Her approach transcends national boundaries and moves outside of trodden paths.

Dodó aspires to create a single cohesive brand whose identity she will control but which will be open to franchisees that share its underlying spirit.

Her ambition is to inspire others in their own style.​

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